- How is Peepthrough different from any other listing site?
Answer: Peepthrough lets you window shop a market sitting in the luxury of your house. It lists all the famous markets as well as famous shops in those markets for you to search through. Only the selected few in each market makes it to our list depending on their user rating, so that you dont have to roam around for endless hours in the market. The outlets are categorized as well as prioritized as per Peepthrough verification and rating methods. A retailer gets to manage their own page and update latest information, sales and promotions on their webpages. Thus, literally bringing the best of each market at your fingertips.
- How do I contact a particular shop/brand/outlet?
Answer: There is a business contact form available on each outlet's page. You can fill in your details and send in your query for the retailer. Alternatively, contact number and other details are mentioned on retailer's page which can also be used to communicate.
- On what basis website ratings are given?
Answer: Peepthrough provides 2 types of rating for each outlet. One from the user (the audience surfing the website) and the second from the Peepthrough team which carefully give their ratings on the basis of algorithms set to judge the product range availability, footfall, quality of products, user's reviews as well as first hand feedback taken from walk-in customers.
- As a retailer listed on Peepthrough, how do I promote my business through your website?
 Answer: A webpage is dedicated to your retail outlet on Peepthrough. Alongside a banner for promotion where latest sales, offers and discounts can be uploaded,  you can also upload details about your outlet, including the product list. A Gallery is provided to you for uploading latest pictures of your outlet/products. Third party ecommerce sites can be linked to your webpage (Amazon etc.) in order to increase sales online. Paid promotion banner is also available on market page.for marketing purposes.
- As a retailer, how do I manage my webpage?
Answer: A shopkeeper's login details are given to you once you fill the advertise form on the website (link given in the header) and your details are approved by the Peepthrough team. You can use the login credentials to manage your page where you can upload information about your outlet as well as post ads and pictures.
- How can I see my page views on Peepthrough?
Answer: Analytics will be provided to you by the peepthrough team for you to check the number of user views of your webpage as well as Peepthough website as a whole.